Boston Marathon Moronathon

Voy Boston Marathon bombing

Re: “Holmes: Finishing the 2013 Marathon,” (April 12)

2015-04-17 01.12.16The Tsarnaev defense team was/is a bunch of morons.

Their job is to defend their client, not help in getting him charged with any crime. By not asking questions and not putting their client on the stand to explain to the public what really happened to quell all the conspiracy theory’s out there does a disservice to the public and makes me at least think, that this whole thing is a staged event in every way. Too many unanswered questions about the bombings, the brothers part in it, the bombs, the crazy stories, and no one delves into that realm that is apparently going to remain closed. At least when JFK was assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald said to the reporters on TV that he was a “patsy.”

Do you people forget the stories of the surviving brother getting shot in the neck? Where is that scar?

Videos of elder brother being arrested and put into a police car?

Bomb severs legs of one gal and she bleeds out in a minute, and dies, but another legless victim wallows around on the ground for 10 minutes, then finally they put him in a wheelchair and no trail of blood anywhere to be found. I guess those questions are off limits and we will never hear anyone requesting answers like that because the stupid public sits with their thumbs up their you-know-what chanting, USA, USA, while their civil rights has been taken away from them in violation of Posse Commitatus by a well armed SWAT team going freely door to door.

I want to know what really happened, not the made-for-TV version of this trial has led us to believe. This reminds me of the Nuremberg trials, a one sided verdict already made up, no cross examination, false evidence was shown, shrunken heads, skin lampshades, pelvis ashtrays….all proven false today.

The trial was and is a sham and the public has fallen for it…again.



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