Exposing a few holocaust lies….

Red Cross no extermination installations
In a November 22, 1944 letter to U.S. State Department officials about their visits the Red Cross said: “We had NOT be able to discover ANY TRACE of installations for exterminating civilians prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources. . .”
USA Today, Friday, May 2, 1997 page, 14A

In truth, the “Jewish soap” story is a wartime propaganda claim that no serious historian now accepts. In 1990 it was formally repudiated by Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust center.[53] Read more at:

Exposing more holocaust lies

A list of famous Sonderkommando Jews who miraculously survived the Auschwitz “death camp” includes the following names:

Alter Shmul Fajnzylberg aka Alter Feinsilber, deported to Auschwitz in March 1942, interned there until January 1945. He therefore survived eight liquidations.
Filip Müller, deported to Auschwitz in April 1942, interned there until January 1945. Survived eight liquidations.
Abraham Dragon, deported to Auschwitz in December 1942, internedimage there until January 1945. Survived six liquidations.
Szlama Dragon, deported to Auschwitz in December 1942, interned there until January 1945. Survived six liquidations.
Eliezer Eisenschmidt, deported to Auschwitz in December 1942, interned there until January 1945. Survived six liquidations.
Milton Buki, deported to Auschwitz in December 1942, interned there until January 1945. Survived six liquidations.
Henryk Tauber, deported to Auschwitz in January 1943, interned there until January 1945. Survived six liquidations.
(Sources: Jürgen Graf, Auschwitz. Tätergeständnisse und Augenzeugen des Holocaust, Würenlos 1994. Gideon Greif, Wir weinten tränenlos, Cologne 2011.)

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One thought on “Exposing a few holocaust lies….

  1. They own the world Media and people are so busy working to pay their “masters” via tax slavery that they have no time, education or inclination to educate themselves. They are brainwashed and controlled by the NWO masters. Masses job;s is to oil the wheels that keep the few in power and riches.
    Their tentacles are reaching far and wide and it will take a miracle to get out of their clutches.
    We are not UNITED, not ORGANIZED, NOT EDUCATED,NOT open minded away from religion, etc that it is also a mind control way to subdue the masses to be able to get out of their control. And maybe we deserve what we got for being selfish, greedy, and walking the “easy” path.The few that are brave enough to try to open our eyes are discredited, humiliated, financially destroyed or murdered and we carry on blindfolded to their misfortunes without lifting a finger to help them.


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