The Constitution was made to fail…

The Constitution was made to fail.
The Jews made sure of that when they started fiddling with the Oaths of Office and the Religious test clause of the Constitution.
That all happened right after the Constitution was written.

Actually the Jews changed our State Constitutions going back to the late 1770’s, they protested the “Oaths of Office”. See
Mission to Israel website

See chapter nine it will open your eyes to the Jews takeover of America

Our Constitution Destroyed by the Jews, in increments..

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The Constitution was made to fail.

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Who really destroyed America?

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Framgov list, the hypocrisy, and rules, rules, rules for posting, and the hate hate hate for the Rizolis.

AF-TV the most corrupt cable station in America


Framingham Adult ESL PLUS program good at hiding criminality/

The Framingham Adult ESL PLUS PROGRAM, good at hiding criminality

Jim Rizoli exposes a Sodomites wishes for a homosexual bondage center, gets banned for 5 years

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