My town of Framingham, a town of drunken sailors

Framingham is spending like a drunk sailor says town critic and resident financial expert Harold Wolfe.

He says:

Between the grandiose and useless plans for the Loring Arena ($5.7 million )


the Athenaeum ($3.5 million for a meeting room)
the skate park and doing whatever the town is thinking of doing with townhall,
we are way over our heads financially. This is mostly because, we are drowning
in debt.

We have been borrowing like drunken sailors over the last few years and we are
reaching the maximum borrowing capacity of the town.

Robert Halpin has warned us twice of upcoming overrides. Is anyone listening?

While these may or may not be debt exclusion overrides, the length of repayment
will exceed most of our lifetimes (mine expected to be 20 years at best). As
such, I see these overrides as a tax increase for the remainder of my life.
Approximately 25% of all Americans (77 million baby boomers) will die in the
next 20 years.

I just find it funny that this town simply cannot control its expenses and
maxes out its credit card.

The last thing we need is a meeting room for $3.5 million.

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