Marathon bombing pictures , please explain?

Look at this picture,  bomb is said to be in front red circled,  yet they say it killed the boy between the two women and it took his sisters leg. The bomb  never went into the street with shrapnel,  the boy is frozen in this picture and in other pictures didn’t move his hands, remember,  three people are directly next to that bomb BEFORE it gets to the kid.


Another picture, below, , no bomb yet, Tsnaurev said to be behind tree, no backpack on him, I don’t see the straps, compared to first picture of man far left with flesh colored shirt, he has a backpack. ..hmmmm.

Little boy still frozen as in other picture, hands have not moved,  by the way,  first picture shows iron gate going through mothers leg, WTF?


Last pictures of bomb placement,  look at the dads feet and angle of his stance, it doesn’t reflect his shoes placement. Look where the bomb supposedly ended up and it didn’t kill the three persons next to the little boy? How the hell is that possible? He dies, the mother and two next to him survive? NO runners hit by blast?

The last impossible dream picture. The wheel chair miracle.

The man has no legs, no blood on the pavement ANYWHERE.


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