Framgov list, the hypocrisy, and rules, rules, rules for posting, and the hate hate hate for the Rizolis.

Oh look the book Animal Farm is taking place on the FramGov list. Let’s change the list name to Franimal Farm.


The conspiracy to get Diane King happened, these evil bastards, Linda Dunbrack  and her master pig in the Animal Farm, Steven Clift,  used unethical behavior, lies, deceit, manipulation and breaking promises to finally get Diane King off the FramGov list. They had her off for two weeks and a day into the prison they decided to not follow their own rules and kicked her off for 5 years.

The story here by Diane with other comments.










Notice how Linda lied, in red. She said Diane was off for 2 weeks. Diane didn’t even serve that 2 weeks, she served 1 day, but the pigs make the rules. She still had another way to come back to post after the two weeks.

She was using her real name also which she was asked to do, she posted a few times and then they don’t follow their own rules, rules, rules and ban her. Anyway the 2 week suspension here, in red. NO next for 6 months but off the list. Harold gets another chance in 6 months, Diane no chance.



Diane tried to discuss her suspension with Nicola Cataldo and Nicola hung up the phone on Diane when she called. Here is Nicolas account even though forbidden on FRAMGOV.



Dianes side of the story:


Nicola is having a  Nicola is a coward, but who am I to judge a cowardly, dispicable personality flaw?

Sorry I spelled her name wrong, but she is going ape…lol…




Nicola is the typical FramGov mentality, cowardly.






More banning:

Harold Wolfe banned for 6 months


The new Framgov free discussion group.

The FramGov logos for Dunbracks group below.

To-ANIMAL-FARM-facebookandy-serkis-animal-farm-to-start-shooting-on-2014Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-33-36Cult Leader 1 - Prototype Fund game

The pigs write the rules and don’t apply them. Screenshots_2015-04-26-23-48-56 2015-10-16-11-08-10

She bans threads that do not have anything to do with town government.


But keeps her post up that she admits doesn’t have anything to town government!



Community building of nutjobs and psychopaths.


Harold Wolfe threatened with a six month suspension for this comment entry.



It’s Crenshaw the nutjob, she stays behind the scenes until the Rizolis came back to FramGov,  she was the first asshole to protest our coming back when she posted the Rizolis were “creatures”,


but here is her bio.


Linda says this,…. but lies,


These post below the link of her rules, rules, rules…have been removed PERMANTLY. 

Jim Rizolis post deleted permantly, wait, Linda said they were PERMANENT, hmmmmmm

Oh, that’s right, this is Animal Farm, I get It…the pigs..





Complete bullshit post by Linda Dunbrack,  she says she’s “fair”, let me laugh..


If these pack animals don’t like you or they don’t like your post or political opinion they attack you like pack animals.


This is a great  example of the Framgov attack animals,  not one stuck to the topic, they all attacked the person.


Harold puts up link to the MWDN article written by Joe Rizoli, will he get away with such treason?


Oh look, it’s Jim Pillsbury, the finger guy. He used to be a board of director of AFTV, NICE example! He never apologized for this to anyone that I know of.  The only free speech Jim Pillsbury wants is his own.

What Jim Pillsbury doesn’t tell you is he was REMOVED from the AFTV board of directors. He got the finger of fate award…lol….


Oh look, the cult leader has spoken about trolls on her FramGov list.


  • 2015-10-18-17-58-252015-10-18-17-58-50
  • Kay KO’S more of the psychopaths….
  • Vanessa Stern:  “I feel the same way.  Certain people and/or subject lines are
  • just automatically deleted…. I don’t even understand why people keep certain
  • threads going.  Ignore, ignore, ignore and it will  eventually go away for lack
  • of an audience.”
  • And Suze Craighead:  I could take any of the benign posts, convert it to a
  • metaphor (or not) and make a political statement and ALSO relative to
  • Framingham.  Even the  mundane and mind-numbing issues  like the dog park/poop.
  • But I say, well, it’s important to someone.
  • HIJACKED:  Red Grenham said, “But Linda’s thread and this forum have been
  • hijacked by yet another negative inane ranting from Kay Ahlstrom (aka Jim
  • Rizzoli’s Ghost Writer). Like a malicious computer virus.”  So you are
  • suggesting that ONLY the Rizolis think like I write!!! Really?  I found their
  • posts (checking into the archives too) refreshing and ON TOPIC.  They addressed
  • the problems, and just like ANY prophet or truth-bearer, they are despised in
  • their home town.  But then, that’s not new.  I’m insulted that you think I
  • would need their inspiration to present my ideas here.  However, having said
  • that, I am honored that you think of me in their flock – you know – birds of a
  • feather!!!!
  • DON’T FEED THE TROLLS (Now a permanent forum policy):  Linda, you said,
  • speaking as Forum Manager, on FramGov, we do not encourage speculation about an
  • individual’s motivation. However, it is clear that a number of folks believe
  • that trolling behavior has been happening on our list, so I am going to open up
  • a discussion to talk about the general topic of trolling and how to discourage
  • it. To be clear about what I mean by trolling.
  • 2015-10-18-21-09-43

Is the FRAMGOV list failing? Gee Karen, so good of you to delete post without reading them, you smuck….


Herb Chasan, condemned then honored, hmmmm


2015-11-05 21.08.04

Another shit bag post, Chris Kelly:Greg Palmer…

  • 2015-10-19-12-45-34
  • 2015-10-21-01-15-30
  • You would think an email list using the word “gov” in it and coming from a parent list called “e-democracy” would let freedom ring, and individuality, free thought of opinions would reign, especially of how your town government is run.You don’t mind peoples opinions but certain people can violate the rules and not be chastised. Jim Pillsbury being one. Watch this dialogue. Now remember, the rules stated no personal attacks.

Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-54-40 Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-53-51 Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-53-16 Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-52-23

The individual running that list, Miss Linda Dunbrack seems to have fallen off the cabbage truck and failed her ethics test and how to play fair with rules

From Linda Dunbrack, the rules that seem to have been written in Iran or China.

These rules have all been changed because of Jim Rizoli. Lots in the town don’t believe he should be having an opinion about anything, Jim Pillsburys post showed that. Anyway,  the rules.

“Hello everyone, This is a friendly reminder to the list that posting about the above topics on FramGov is prohibited by list rules, and that any complaints or concerns should come directly to me. I have recently developed a formal process for reinstatement to the list after long-term suspensions that includes an explicit agreement to abide by the terms and agreement of FramGov. It highlights the rules that are most likely to result in an informal or formal warning, and asks the survey taker to agree to abide by the rule or rules. If you want a refresher, you can check it out for yourself here: If you find yourself wanting to limit your exposure to posts from certain people, I have some suggestions here:

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding”

You call this free speech? This is an insult to any America living in this country that generated the Declaration of Independence, a document that expressed negative opinions about a oppressive government and out of control King who needed to hear freedom ring. That document would never have been written if Miss Dunbrack had her “monkey” rules at that time. Shame on her and shame on her view of free speech that unfortunately to her is free speech in a fish bowl.

As you can see in the post Mr Pillsbury violated the rules of civility right after Mr Jim Rizoli posted his first post..

I would bet Mr Lewis got a warning for breaking the Monkey rules. Jim Pillsbury apparently  gave everyone the finger to the rules of civility. That FramGov list is one list of hypocrisy. Miss Dunbrack has shown the world how not to run a list.

Shame on her.

Miss Dunbrack                                                                             Jim Pillsbury fan club

Screenshots_2015-04-26-22-33-36 Screenshots_2014-10-26-00-50-42P


The above statement email to Someone on the FramGov list represents the hypocrisy of this list that claims the word “democracy” in it. Miss Dunbrack represents the evils of people who control free speech in America and what happens when the evil people like herself take power and try to stop others from having an opinion that differs from her. She is an embarrassment, but she is a gatekeeper, I’m surprised she’s not Jewish, she sure acts like one of the chosen…chosen I wish, for hell if there ever was a place for this worthless piece of crap……imagine saying to this individual you will be banned for five years. Gee, not to vindictive, what an asshole Miss Dunbrack has become, her mother must be proud, her twins boys must be gloating.

tmp_11767-Screenshots_2015-05-03-01-46-57-1546690691more lunacy below in post, rules, what a group  means vs gang….such stupidity by Miss Dunbrack. …


Screenshots_2015-05-21-01-01-18Harold Wolfe suspended for two weeks


When Jim Rizoli post the gatekeeper is watching his links, we don’t want to violate any of the hundred rules, rules, rules…Screenshots_2015-08-23-14-31-32

Watch this topic, the assholes jump on my brother about racism.


Willy goes off course of the rules, rules, slanders and defame. …

2015-06-30-14-21-07 FlashAnnotate

Linda goes mental, mental, violates all her rules for being nice….

Willy LaBarge  finally repents and tells the truth…


Just had to post this topic about licenses for illegals. We have some pretty stupid people that are completely ignorant of the situation with the illegal alien coming to this country. Suzie Craighead is a brain dead idiot, typical for most people in the town of Framingham. Just think, this idiot is on the Framingham  zoning board of appeals. She really is a stupid ignorant person.



Apparently people coming from South American countries are Americans according to Susie Craighead

This post below, shows the mentality of some on that list to allow free expression, NOT…

Mike Bower is a Selectman, this is what he does to those few that bother his brain. In picture, he is 4th from the left, second from the right for those mentally challenged


Interesting dialogue here, saying comments made by this individual could cause him to be banned from this loonies list for 5 years because he said “diverse nationalities that tend to drink heavily”. Can you imagine her saying such lunacy? A five year suspension could happen to him. What did he murder someone?

Interesting  how a cooler head saw what Jim was saying.


Screenshots_2015-08-05-19-59-11Oh look, the Alana Lipkin lies below…

2015-08-11-16-44-20 2015-08-11-18-36-24

Alana Lipkin another FramGov nutjob who sees racism everywhere. I complained to the other nut job, list gatekeeper Linda Dunbrack.

Linda, Alana Lipkin is putting up false information by the link she used  on your framgov list which is linked below here. Her so called proof against CCFIILE proves nothing.

What does this voy site have to do with CCFIILE as she falsely claims in her smoking gun post?

My brother is mentioned in my voy links, once, by way of me taking a post of his and reposting it. His post had NOTHING to do with CCFIILE, racism, illegal immigrants at all. He has NOTHING to do with my voy list..

ALL those post are in my name. They are my opinions, if you don’t like them don’t read them.

This is the real link, not a out of focused screen shot Alana Lipkin had represented on your Framgov list.

YOU show me a CCFIILE LINK THERE as she claims with all her SPLC bullshit allegations. 

You continue to add fodder to my opinions of you, your list and some of the misinformed gullible people on it. What does CCFIILE have to do with Framingham government? What does the ADL or the SPLC have to do with the topic of liquor establishments?

You continue to let people slander and lie, go WAY OFF TOPIC on your list, shame on you, read your own rules Linda.

I’m trying to read the topic of conversation discussed and you got lunatics ranting against Jim Rizoli in SLANDEROUS defaming, accusatory, libelous post against him, even calling him a racist, WHICH IS A PERSONAL ATTACK CONTRARY TO THE RULES OF YOUR LIST. YOU also allow attacks against CCFIILE, my organization, again, contrary to the rules of your list, which I STARTED, not him. You are a hypocrite.

Since people, Susie Craighead,  can get away with using pigs in their descriptive postings on your list maybe you should read the book Animal Farm, the pigs make the rules………and break them. 

Joe Rizoli

Here is the typical meatheads who post. Hey Mel Warshaw, if you don’t like Jim Rizolis post don’t read them….


Here is a great post, linked above in the discussion about sex parlors and human trafficking. JIM Rizoli put up a great post. But the Jew? Alana Lipkin changes the topic to slander and defame my brother and turns the topic into a racist issue. She is a nut job needing some mental health. Notice her reply, absolute nonsense.


 Here we have another nutjob, Susie Craighead without her head commenting making sure we don’t link illegal immigrants with human trafficking even though it is pretty plain a LOT of the gals involved in this trafficking are ILLEGAL immigrants as documented by this Web site.

But anyway Susie Craighead  post is here again making sure the illegals are protected from racist comments. Susie is an idiot like most shit bags on this Framgov list. They have left their brains somewhere else.


Oh look another FramGov nutjob, Laurie Miller, a Jew? Above right link.

You would think on the topic of human trafficking she would have something to say about how to fix the problem. NO. Laurie and others are the pouncers on the FramGov list, ready to pounce on ANYTHING Jim Rizoli post to say the OPPOSITE of what he posted. Jim says white, she says black.  She is an idiot, typical of the mentality of shit bags on that list.

Speaking of loonies from the framgov list, here is another one that we should be looking into, Lloyd Kaye. Notice the topic of conversation is having to do with police in the schools,  Jim Rizoli puts up a great post but noticed Lloyd case response is just off the wall and typical of his responses a lot of time to the framgov list this guys just off the wall.


Oh look, the “shadow”of Jim Rizoli gets sarcastic with Jim. If Jim did this he’d probably be kicked of the list for his sarcasm,  but Linda is one of the pigs of the story Animal Farm.


Oh look another FramGov nutjob again, Jim Pillsbury. His absurd comments about a kidnapping. Jims been on the wacky weed a bit to long. Harold’s original post was kept hidden by the gatekeeper Miss Linda.


Another shittard on the FramGov list is this nutjob “pouncer” Jonathan Gilvarg. He seems to always say the opposite of what Jim Rizoli says on anything. Jim shows a pdf of school security and how it could cause more problems in kids behavior, he apparently thought otherwise, another asshole who needs ESL.


Hey Mel Warshaw, sex offenders can be Jewish  also. What about Temples and Synagogues? LOL…


Another nutjob on the FramGov list.

Jim Pillsbury, pot smoking anti-American loves to ban free speech except for his own, a complete hypocrite, typical of the shit bags posting to the Framgov list


This next discussion deals with a big fight at the high school the topic of this conversation is led by Jim Rizoli.


Of course the Jew Lloyd Kaye has his typical bullshit response and hand slapping post. Lloyd is probably one of the biggest haters on this Framgov list always accusing others when in reality he is the biggest hater, notice his ridiculous comment here, typical of Lloyd Kaye. Even though I didn’t put up the link showing Eric Silverman’s comment, he’s another jerk Jew, read it in the link.


Another liar who can’t get her facts straight, Stephanie Deeley.  Her story about the Rizolis being banned from cable is totally wrong.


Take the survey, I did…. 2015-09-18-00-03-27

My response:

The forum manager should be fired. She’s a hypocrite, allows slander and  defamation against certain people that she doesn’t like. Threatens people with suspensions and let’s her little crew of friends get away with murder. A person like that should never be able to run any list because she runs it unfairly and it shows. She does a great disservice to free speech and Constitutional rights to be able to have an opinion, she’s selective and where certain links go and she’s the typical gatekeeper whose only object in life is to control people or limit their free speech. When it isn’t to her satisfaction she’s becomes the “shadow” to certain posters and I don’t know how the people on that list allow her to get away with the stuff she gets away with. The list has its typical hand slappers that always disagree with certain individuals most of the time,  if not all the time that they don’t like. There are links external of this list that expose this foolishness and some of these psychopaths on it including the list manager. If this list is supposed to represent true democracy,  then this list represents a sickness that is spreading and our democracy in this country is in a lot of trouble.

How many times have you changed the rules on this list? It seems you change the rules just to get at certain individuals who post a lot but in reality you are stopping the other people from posting on the list now that you have a certain amount of post a person can put up, you cut off your nose in spite of  your face. The people at AF TV did the same exact thing to certain individuals who are putting up the cable shows they changed the rules three times and now everybody has to play by the rules which in reality probably isn’t what’s happening but they get back at the certain individuals they now have 18 pages of rules and regulations.

Birds of a feather apparently flock together.

Enjoy the latest post.

Kay defends the Rizolis 2015-09-23-20-02-182015-09-23-20-02-592015-09-23-20-03-22

Older way back post when I use to post a few years ago by Suzie Craighead bringing up stuff nothing to do with the topic, but it usually goes this way by these assholes bringing up the  ADL, the SPLC, bla bla bla nonsense, yawn…. FlashAnnotate

latest news, Jim Rizoli banned for five years for this posting, Miss Linda Dunbrack, you’re an asshole.


“Kay since you asked a question I will give you an answer. In regards to everyone else here you can turn off the volume key if you like you don’t have to read this you don’t have to listen to what I have to say and you can go on with your life. You can be like the proverbial monkeys that put their hands over their ears, eyes and their mouths.
That’s fine for you I don’t live that way and I hope you wouldn’t either but for some reason it seems like some people really don’t care what happens to other people when they are mentally abused and raped by the system that will not give them justice.

This is primarily addressed to Kay since you asked I’m glad to answer. You asked a question about the video taping of the AFTV meeting. Yes it was videotaped and they have the copy when we ask them for the copy of it they would not allow us to have a copy of it. Why didn’t they give us a copy of that meeting.

The reason is people would see how much of a kangaroo court that it was. We defended ourselves right to the end we showed them our rights that were being violated, they would not listen they had their minds made up with the do
So again we had the perfect right to have our say but our say wasn’t being made known as I mentioned before.

In regards to the renewal of the Comcast agreement here’s what the problem is. Comcast runs the major cable that comes into Framingham. AFTV is the designee who puts it up the programs for three cable providers in the town. That’s how I understand it but correct me if I’m wrong. AFTV is not doing their job correctly and are in violation of the article 6.14 of the Comcast agreement that expires in 2016. The question that comes up now is if Comcast says that they have no power over AFTV and the Board of Selectmen have no power over AFTV then who does has the power over AFTV.

It seems like they are running a organization put in place so they can control what is on TV especially what is on TV produced by local vendors like myself. So the question that I would like to ask all those out there in TV land, who watches over AFTV? Who are the ones that can bring changes about to what AF TV is doing wrong to the Rizoli’s I would like to know. Does anyone here have an answer to that. I would like to know who oversees AFTV. There must be somebody here that knows what’s going on there.

In regards to Harolds post about the courts…..why is everyone going off topic this is not about Willy getting the Noble Peace Prize it’s about Harolds court problem.
Linda, Kay, me so far got it the rest of you didn’t

Mel….with all your experience in constitutional law etc…it’s hard to believe you fail to come to his aid or even my aid but for what I can see you only protect those that think like you. The ACLU is useless they only protect their kind, and the AG has no issue to protect peoples free speech unless they are illegal aliens who are the ones having the problems. Americans like us are thrown to the dogs.

In regards to Harolds website with the bad stuff there….I haven’t seen it don’t care to see it and a little surprised that Mel visited it to take a sneak peek….
Can’t understand why Willy is all upset, he specifically told me a few years ago about him wanting to open up a place where he could operate freely from peoples view a mans bondage escape way…Now really now, do you folks have any idea what goes on there?
Willy do you remember talking to me about it. And you’re all upset about Harolds website? Take a look at websites that show that stuff and I’m sure your eyes will pop out. LOL

So any who…thats it for knobyw for some reason posting here is like gold especially when it seems I’m delegated to one post per day but after this post I will see if the system is back working on two.
I’m sure you will be all excited if I can post again soon..

So summary…..who does AFTV have to answer to…I sure could use that info in my fight against them.”

This post below has been hidden and no longer can be read on the corrupt Framgov list,  Jim got a five year ban for posting it. A FIVE YEAR BAN!!!!!!!


If you noticed, Mel the Jew commented in a typIcal Jewish way even saying the conversation Jim Rizoli mentioned was a  “private conversation” but not complained about by the person involved, YET, these assholes used this accusation for a serious rules violation, thus Jim Rizoli was banned for 5 years.  Again,  the claimant never filed a complaint. These shit bags,  Mel and Linda did it for Mr Willy LaBarge, a bit unethical wouldn’t you say? Hey Mel, don’t you wish Hitler really gassed the shit bag Jews like yourself,  then we wouldn’t have to put up with your cowardly and historical innacuracies since Joseph McCarthy was actually right about the communist  take over of our State department by you Jewish assholes.

If anyone is interested in Willy LaBarges homosexual bondage center maybe I can have you contact him…lol

Finally someone who seeks the truth about this corrupt list and cable station.



After trying to get justice to this corrupt list I wrote to Steve Clift who runs the edemocracy  shebang, he basically ignored my concerns. He and other liberal psychopaths are the gatekeepers to the destruction of our country. This is what we are up against.


The correspondence and Steve Clifts response, he is an asshole.

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Ticket #4304: Framgov list out of control

Your request (#4304) has been updated. Reply to this email or follow the link below:

Linda Dunbrack, Sep 27, 08:34

Joe is off the list for a reason. I have no plans to read this. I had to


him from my email accounts due to abusive emails.

I just suspended his twin.

Sent using CloudMagic Email


On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 9:29 AM, Steven Clift <

[] > wrote:

I haven’t had time to read this closely … glad you have thick skin

… keep up the good work for your community.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: JoRiz <>

Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 7:49 AM

Subject: Framgov list out of control


Cliff, I read the Framgov list here in Framingham MA USA.

I resigned from it some few years ago seeing the underhanded way it’s

run and the little hand slapping conspiracies that go on there.

Miss Dunbrack runs the list like a hypocritical bully changing the

rules many times to stop certain individuals from their free speech

and my brother Jim Rizoli is one of the latest bans from the list .

Five year ban, no he didn’t kill anybody or slander or defame but was

kicked out for mentioning a gay person wanting to open up a sex

bondage place which this gay person has publically talked about to me

and others about. Not a big deal except Miss Dunbrack has established

a set of rules only the US government would be proud of or the country

of China.

Miss Dunbrack has been trying to get my brother off the list for some

time now following every post he puts up like a shadow. It’s obvious

for all to see. She’s threatened Jim many times when others have

slandered and defamed him.

She’s a terrible list manager full of hypocritical actions.

Miss Dunbrack is out of control and there are only two people on the

list now preventing her to change the rules backI to normalcy But

she’s waiting to get them off too. She’ll make up another rule to do

it. She’s already banned making links to articles I have written to

the local newspaper if you can believe that to get back at me, she’s

making it personal. She recently made plain that in her new set of

rules. She keeps adding rules upon rules and pretty soon she’ll

probably be up to the IRS’s 10,000 page rulebook soon.

But you’ve got to remember, these rules are aimed at certain

individuals to stop their free speech and opinion. But these rules

also apply to the good people on the list that want the post, so it

affects them also.

She now is using another tactic, she is using so called “surveys”, to

get her hand slapping friends to agree with her..

She’s not fooling anyone.

She’s allowed people to post false information about my brother And

she’s done nothing to stop these slanderous lies and defamation.

Do I have to show you the post?

When my brother tries to defend himself she condemns him and comes

after him with her threats to kick him off the list.

Remember, I’m just a reader of this list and I see stuff that she’s

allowed that she could be taken to court on and sued.

If Miss Dunbrack represents you and democracy, free opinion and free

speech, then I must be living in the wrong country.

Her list isn’t free speech but a another page from the book Animal

Farm, and I hate the use of term but, the pigs make the rules and the

pigs break the rules.

Shame on you if you allow this tyrant and bully against free speech

and opinion to run a list with the name “Democracy” in it.

I really mean it shame on you.

Joe Rizoli


Harold shoves it up the Framgov asses….. Screenshots_2015-09-27-17-29-50Screenshots_2015-09-27-17-30-25Screenshots_2015-09-27-17-30-56Screenshots_2015-09-27-17-31-34

Never saw this before, post taken down forever hidden, yet slander defamation and all sorts of libel remain on this shit FramGov list about the Rizolis. Also sadly in this post George Lewis took his stand against Jim Rizoli. Apparently the issue of Willy LaBarge wanting to open a a homo sexual bondage center was too much for George, maybe he was the first….gay people stick together….never saw a complaint filed by Willy on that one, all the assholes spoke on behalf of Willy and his pornography sex bondage house of horrors. He probably liked the advertising.


Kay defends the Rizolis again. 2015-09-30-21-20-532015-09-30-21-21-22

Suze Craighead shows her stupidity about the holocaust. tempFileForShare

Barry Kling spills the beans

WHY the Rizolis were kicked out of Cable. His statements were an EXCUSE to get us off of cable TV.  We NEVER intended to falseify documents, our cable show was on for over 2 years and then they decide to get us for falsifying documents how would we know what we put into the show was going to be an excuse for them to take as off the air? These people are just plain assholes,  they are implying that was our intent and motive to do this which is a complete lie slander and defamation.


Kay nails it home, WHO monitors AFTV?


Look another asshole Jew commenting slander, Dean Siflinger,  typical Jew.2015-10-05-20-27-21Screenshots_2015-10-08-00-59-28

Willy commenting with his brains up his arse and probably a lot more, lol


Linda stuck her foot up her arse on this comment. Just remember her views on the holocaust when she writes about FACTS…. 2015-10-11-00-53-51

Oh look, Linda did us a favor keeping all of the shittards and slanders in one place.

I am proud of the people on this list who have consistently stood against

inflammatory speech about groups of people based on their ethnicity, culture,

and/or immigration story. Here is a sampling from a couple of threads:

Suze Craighead

Lloyd Kaye

William LaBarge

Alana Lipkin

Eric Silverman

Mel Warshaw 2015-10-11-01-02-49

Suzie swears, OMG! !!!!


    Kay defends the revisionist and shows Fred Leuchter interview
  1. 2015-10-11-19-48-59

Lloyd Kaye says his typical Jewish nonsense.


Willie slanders the Rizolis.

Screenshots_2015-10-15-22-35-53 2015-10-12-23-50-07

Apologizes but still remains on the FramGov list….


The Pam Richardson debacle exposed by Kay. The copyright supposed. infringement.


Another asshole, Kevin Swope responding with nonsense, evades the Pam Richardson debacle. The video discussion was used to malign the Rizolis for supposed copyright violations and now the CONTENT of the video is being ignored, meaning the then Democratic platform, giving illegals 1. Licenses, 2 instate tuition, 3 voting rights. Kay exposes all of this.

Kevin Swope nonsense below evading the then Democrats position, and maybe still now. FlashAnnotate

Oh look a new name, Chris Kelly, for the asshole ignorant shit list


Oh look, Lloyd Kaye is against all guns. Hey Lloyd, you’re an idiot, I couldn’t say that on the FramGov list, I’m  saying it…. 2015-10-16-17-22-34

VOY LINK to other slanders and cowards of the Framgov, and they are proud of it.

More topics of interest.

Voy post new and old

Old voy

Others mentioned as complained by Linda Drumback links

Arms for Israel?

Exposing holocaust lies

Stan Rosenberg in Government ?

Boston Marathon Moronathon

The Constitution was made to fail.

Jewish resolution from hell

Catholics who don’t get it.

When bloggers censor

Armenian holocaust vs Jewish holocaust

The Israel lobby is bad for America

Who really destroyed America?

Holocaust lies, would be thrown out of court

Marathon bombing pictures please explain?

Framgov list, the hypocrisy

AF-TV the most corrupt cable station in America

Framingham Adult ESL PLUS program good at hiding criminality/

Jim Rizoli exposes a Sodomites wishes for a homosexual bondage center, gets banned for 5 years

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