English language learners, Adult ESL, you mean “illegal immigrants “?

Years ago we told the town the impact that the illegal immigrants would have on our town.

The new school budgets uphold our concerns.

Notice the Academic  program for the school, right column, dedicated to costly programs dealing with English language learners. This was never talked about untill now, and thrown into the taxpayers faces. Why must students be taught their  culture? We are in America. These programs are costing tens of millions of dollars.

framingham-high-school-academics2015-05-16 02.34.312015-05-09 22.30.45

Screenshots_2015-05-15-12-32-56 Screenshots_2015-05-15-12-33-19 Screenshots_2015-05-15-12-33-35 Screenshots_2015-05-15-12-33-53 Screenshots_2015-05-15-12-34-12


Screenshots_2014-03-11-04-17-31Screenshots_2014-02-27-02-28-38Screenshots_2014-02-06-02-39-14image image image image

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