LOER, League of Extraordinary Revisionists

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BRADLEY SMITH:  His life has been a colorful one. He has been a deputy sheriff, construction worker, a soldier in the Korean war (twice wounded), a bullfighter, a playwright, a book store owner-manager, an ice cream truck vendor, and a merchant seaman. But he is best known as an activist for open inquiry on the Holocaust issue.

For many hundreds of thousands of Americans, perhaps millions, Bradley Smith has been the introduction to a skeptical view of this emotion-laden issue. This outspoken defender of freedom of speech and thought has been widely, and wrongly, denounced as a “hater” and a “Holocaust denier.” The Zionist “Anti-Defamation League” has absurdly smeared him as one of America’s “Ten Top Extremists.”

What drives this modern-day Don Quixote and incorrigible idealist?  “Simply put,” explains Smith, “I do not believe in thought crimes, in taboos against intellectual freedom. I do not believe it is thought crime to express skepticism about the ‘gas chamber’ stories. I do not believe it is thought crime to question US support for Israel and its brutal and foolish policies to­ward Palestinians.”


JIM RIZOLI, Producer/Interviewer (and Assistant, Diane King) of the Series, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS:  Hard core historical revisionist. Jim and his brother, Joe moved from combating the illegal immigrant hordes in their cable shows to dealing with the fundamental and pervading issue of the holocaust. Their immigrant battles led them to the plight of Ernst Zundel in Canada, being prosecuted for having reprinted *Did 6 Million Really Die*! Thus Jim and Joe’s efforts and cable shows also turned toward the issue of the holocaust.  That’s when their troubles accelerated. In 2002 – 2003 they began producing numerous videos dealing with the issues surrounding the Holocaust. Thousands of videos, 100s of videos about the holocaust. YouTube videos (700) under the name of Jim Rizoli were banned. His name was banned on Facebook. In 2010, their cable shows were suspended. They returned and then were permanently removed in 2014. They are back to provide a venue of freedom of, telling the story for tried-and-true revisionists and Germans throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

League of Extraordinary Revisionists (LOER)


We are in the process of setting up paypal;

if you are interested in helping us defray costs in this effort,

send a check to:

Jim Rizoli (LOER)

94 Pond St.

Framingham, MA  01702


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2 thoughts on “LOER, League of Extraordinary Revisionists

  1. Hi Jim

    I’d like to email you about that great interview you did recently with Ben Bradberry. I’m in the process of doing a transcript of the interview over at my blog https://katana17.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/the-myth-of-german-villainy-author-ben-bradbury-interview-transcript/

    Would you mind leaving your email there, i.e., just fill in your email address in the form when you submit a short comment (no one else can see it except me).




  2. Dear Jim,

    Did you know this?

    By Jeff Rense
    From An Online Friend
    Here is one of the most amazing ads from a 1930 American newspaper… How could this be possible?
    Zyklon B was being used to commonly fumigate homes ten years before World War 2 and the legendary ‘holocaust’.

    Then came the predictable effort to debunk the old ad with people yelling ‘fake’ and ‘photoshop!’…

    NO, the ad is not a fake! Here is the original newspaper from 1930…

    Here is an enlargement progression for further proof.
    Zyklon B was commonly used in the US to fumigate and prevent disease long before World War 2 and the ‘holocaust’


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