The Criminality of Framinghams illegal Brazilians

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Don’t forget how the Brazilians work….

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The future destruction of Framingham







Ilma Paxiao don’t forget the biggest fraud, this form. The form to get into the Framingham Adult ESL Plus program. They don’t have to answer it honestly, and lie, lie, lie, thanks to the liberals in Framingham including the Town Manager, Selectmen, School Committee members, town meeting members and all other brain dead ones who are watching the town of Framingham die a slow death.

MOST of the Brazilians in the program are illegal, nothing on the form ask them about them being Illegal. They skirt the issue by this carefully, probably lawyer produced, form..
The town of Framingham through cowardly town meeting members, a wimpy Town manager, incompetent Selectmen and liberal people that can’t see the 800 lb gorilla in the room, will allow this to go on thus keeping Framingham in continued debt to the illegal immigrant community. How? By continuously upping the anti for the schools to keep bringing illegal immigrant children into the school system. The town through common sense advocates like the Rizolis have warned the town that if they don’t stop this program the town will be spending MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars to support these people.Why do you think the town is looking for a new school? Get rid of this Adult ESL, or at least STOP monies to be appropriated for this program and send a message that illegal immigration will not be tolerated anymore for this particular program and it is guaranteed that the town will save tens of millions of dollars as the illegal’s will not be coming here anymore. Continue these ESL classes for the illegal Adults will certainly keep the town yearly in debt.
Its quite simple people. But we have people in town meeting that are like I said cowards and they will be paying for this for the rest of their lives plus the lives of their kids and grand kids… shame on you all….
This program brings the illegal parents, they bring their illegal kids, Framingham loses…I have never been so ashamed of the people in my town….They actually have the power to fix something morally and socially wrong and they won’t…..

The traitors of Framingham Town meeting that voted for this ESL program are in RED. The people with insight and brains not up their asses about this topic voted in Green. The real heros of town government. The Town meeting members that voted for this spent $20,000 to a program they don’t know anything about as to the legality of those in it, or WHO these people are, NOTHING. They gave money to people that we have no idea who they even are, how good is that for accountability?




Some of our ESL students below, happy now?
Rape by illegals

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