The Framingham League of Women Voter corruption, and the censored topic, Illegal Aliens

Miss Janus
I have been living in the Town/City for 69 years and I live with my brother, I would think I/we would have the pulse of what has been going on in Framingham as to living here as to businesses from the wayward pass, to the now, and I believe it is my right to have a say in what is really going on in Framingham in the now.
I was on that Facebook debate you had tonight and it didn’t go well because whoever runs that League of Women Voters or that Facebook presentation kicked me off as well as my brother and he posted a FAVORABLE post for you, but we were both kicked off because I was asking questions YOU and your opponent will probably never deal with, and that is the problem with Illegal immigration in the City….Why my brother was kicked off is who knows…There was NO REASON for it….

WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM HERE with illegal immigration and you need to know about it because if you do get elected you will be hearing about it for the next two years you are in office, just ask the former Councilor Shepard…
So I ask that you make an effort to talk to me or my brother or we could meet to talk or converse…
When the Mayor came into office she made an effort to have me sit down with her in her office and chat for an hour, maybe you can take that opportunity because you need to know what is going on in Framingham, and believe me you don’t know the half of it..

The sad thing about Framingham is there are a lot of people that take pleasure in stopping any conversations that deal with Illegal immigration and I hope you are not one of them but I believe you need a fresher course in what is happening..

I have posted about this on my two sites, and if you want to see where I am at on this topic, you may not agree with me but give me my right to tell you how I feel since you make plain you want peoples opinions, OK, get mine…I stand for the Rule of LAW…It’s simple
I had two SPECIFIC questions that I relayed to those planning these debates and these were them.
1. What is your stand on the Illegal alien problem as it is NOW in Framingham? We have THOUSANDS here, unlawfully and illegally, they are here, do you support RULE of LAW or not?Do you see it as a problem? Remember, traffic is one of your concerns, so isn’t housing. These are all related to the Illegal alien problem….We have now people living in attics and cellars, just ask the firemen….
2. The Inlaw apartments, or Accessory Dwelling Units, what is your feeling on those beyond what you said, but do you know the problems that will result if that is passed as a general City-wide ordinance?…. You need to know where that could go, it is NOT GOOD….

I am up to very late during the evening going into the wee hours of the morning so feel free to call me or email me….I am NOT going away, I have concerns that need to be addressed, ask Miss Shepard…..
To show you my concerns going back years in my fight on just this topic as it relates to illegal immigration, go here and just search for “ESL” and see what comes up…..

This email will hopefully be archived here: Don’t fall for the censors trying to stop access the link…

Joseph Rizoli

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