Joe Rizoli’s Free speech topics and blog links


Other topics of interest.

Voy post new and old

Old voy

Others mentioned as complained by Linda Drumback

WordPress links

Arms for Israel?

Exposing holocaust lies

Stan Rosenberg in Government ?

Boston Marathon Moronathon

The Constitution was made to fail.

Jewish resolution from hell

Catholics who don’t get it.

When bloggers censor

Armenian holocaust vs Jewish holocaust

The Israel lobby is bad for America

Who really destroyed America?

Holocaust lies, would be thrown out of court

Marathon bombing pictures please explain?

Framgov list, the hypocrisy

AF-TV the most corrupt cable station in America

Framingham Adult ESL PLUS program good at hiding criminality/

Jim Rizoli exposes a Sodomites wishes for a homosexual bondage center, gets banned for 5 years

3 thoughts on “Joe Rizoli’s Free speech topics and blog links

  1. Hello, Jim.
    I’ve been hunting around your site, etc. in search of an email address, as a means to share with you my below roughly 6,800-word essay:
    This was published alongside three other blog posts, as part of our GLARING Hypocrisy website having gone live yesterday afternoon (GMT).
    It would be an honor, Jim were you, and Joe, to read the above essay, and to check out our new site.
    Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. And thank you, too, for all of your priceless interviews, with the likes of Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, et al.
    With warm regards
    to you both,

    Sean M. Madden


  2. Hello Mr.Rizoli. I discovered one of you comments on Renegade Tribune related to the christian issue and racialism. I myself have been wondering about this for many years and in the comment you claimed you would be able to provide an answer. Would yo be able to have a brief dialogue with me via email or phone and provide me some orientation in terms of what elements of chrisitanity are redeemable according to you?


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