Arms for Israel at the Boston Marathon, what the hell?

Arms to Israel

Arms to Israel

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If you go to the town of Hopkinton MA for the Boston Marathon you will wonder how the hell a Jewish organization Chabad is advertising “Arms for Israel”

Could I get a tent asking for arms to the Palistenians?

Could I get a tent saying the Jewish holocaust is a fraud of history and evidence?

Could I get a tent advertising “arms for white people?

The result of my fact finding?

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This blog is going to be controversial, hopefully in good taste but expressing opinions not in harmony with the liberal Godless mindset most of us are use to through local TV, radio, or blog talk.

Obviously the topics here are going to strike a cord and either be ignored or victiously attacked.

Just remember though, “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not to criticize”.

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